As we navigate through a crisis, together

The last few weeks have been trying for everyone, and we hope you have been able to internalize new practices of social distancing and self-isolation to help flatten the curve of the contagious COVID 19.

Go Touchless with the Veris COVID Combat Kit

As a pioneer in office automation and your partner in digital transformation, we have built a touchless suite which complies with the recent WHO workplace guidelines and benefits multiple stakeholders including employees, contract employees, visitors and most importantly you. This power-packed suite includes touchless staff attendance, contactless visitor check-ins, thermal scanning, mask screenings and advanced COVID screening.

Grab your COVID Combat Kit now!

Touchless Staff Attendance & Access

In wake of the rippling COVID 19, government and public sector undertakings have been asked to discontinue their usage of biometric attendance systems. We have built a friction-less alternative to help you replace redundant biometric-based attendance, strengthening the global fight against COVID-19. Our facial recognition based staff attendance is speedy, simple and secure.


Face recognition

Discard bio-metrics and choose accurate and touchless facial recognition.


Mask scanning

Scan staff for facial masks and deny access if not adhered.


Detailed reporting

Generate user-friendly attendance reports instantly.


Thermal scanning

Scan for body temperature and raise alert in case it is above than normal.


Access integration

Seamlessly integrate with your present access control solution.


Visitor scanning

Use the same terminal to screen and scan visitors.

Touchless Visitor Management

Our contactless visitor management empowers your guests by allowing them to check-in through the comfort of their own personal device. This in turn enables your security teams to ensure the adherence of a truly touchless and secure work environment.


Contactless check-ins

Enable visitors to check-in on their devices via QR codes.


Sensitise & Screen

Educate visitors and screen them for potential symptoms.


Digital Visitor Badges

Go touchless by assigning digital visitor badges.


Advanced pre-invitation

Assign hierarchical pre-invitation rights to employees.


Blacklist & Alert

Blacklist high-risk visitors and instantly alert security teams.


Trace & Track

Seamlessly trace contacts and track high-risk visitors.

COVID-19 Visitor Screening Add-on

As pioneers in visitor management, custodians of your visitor flow and guardians of your security, we have made it our mission to help you protect your premises and your people against this contagious global pandemic. We have built an advanced and interactive feature which sensitizes your visitor, screens them for possible symptoms, alerts your security teams and highlights their exposure to illness.


Sensitize & educate

A picture is worth a thousand words. Add creative background images to your Veris Visitor application to educate your guests on safety and sanitization.


Blacklist visitors

If responses match your screening criteria, we enable you to trigger actions like denying badge printing or showing caution alerts on the visitor badge.


Screen visitors

Add a COVID screening questionnaire to your general visitor flow. We also enable you to select which visitor category you’d prefer to screen.


Alert security

You can also alert your security teams and/or the host of the arrival of a possibly infected visitor as soon as such a visitor checks-in at your premises.

We are here for you - Be COVID-19 Ready

visitor screening solution - veris

COVID-19 Visitor Safety Guide

We know how hard you are working to educate your visitors during these testing times and we’d like to help. We have enclosed a downloadable ‘COVID-19 Visitor Safety Guide’ for you to showcase to every guest entering your premises starting today!