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Recently updated on January 17th, 2022 at 11:13 pm

The pandemic has significantly slowed down business operations worldwide. Security within an organization is no longer a choice but a necessity. While some of the organizations have started to welcome their visitors back, the safety of everyone at the organization is the biggest concern. That is where a smart visitor management system like Veris Visitor Management System steps in.

A smart visitor management system not only presents visitors with a sophisticated platform but also creates a safe and more secure work environment. Apart from all the basic benefits that a visitor management system provides you, data privacy is the user’s basic right. Our security program is aligned with the ISO 27001 standards as well as industry best practices such as OWASP top 10 and GDPR to protect, shield, and secure customer data and communications.

Our Visitor Management Ecosystem has 3 pillars:

Veris Terminal: It is a device that sits at your reception to welcome visitors. It provides a fast and self-check-in along with badge printing for authorization.

  1. Self Service kiosk: Visitors can self-check in themselves using the user-friendly terminal. This empowers your team to create a touchless, safe, and secure visitor experience.
  2. Advanced visitor authentication: Ensure the authenticity of your visitor by OTP-based mobile number verification.
  1. Smart Notifications: The employees receive instant SMS and email notifications when there is a visitor check-in. It also enables you to use 2-way communication.
  2. Reflect your brand identity: We offer complete configurability for you to showcase your brand through the terminal.
  3. Issue paper or E-badges: Issue physical or e-badges for easy identification of your visitors.

6. Brand Customization: Customize all the details such as display custom images, videos on your terminal.

Veris User App: The app is used by employees to pre-invite guests. The guests can also use this app to quickly check-in using the QR code-based invites.

  1. Employee Digital Badge: The app provides digital IDs to employees to eliminate inefficiencies caused due to lost badges.
  2. Express Employee check-in: Employees can check-in within seconds using QR code-based digital ID in the app.
  3. Emergency notifications: Employees, as well as visitors, can receive instant emergency notifications in the app via SMS or e-mail.
  4. Easy pre-invites: Pre-register your guests on the app and send them an invite for express visitor check-in. 
  1. Two-way communication: Accept or reject visitor meeting requests or communicate expected waiting time.

6. Digital Health Declaration: Employees can update their health declaration via the Veris App and get an access badge.

Veris Dashboard: The visitor management software dashboard provides you with real-time centralized reporting and advanced analytics on all the information. It also allows you to send bulk invites to guests, prepare guest lists and create on-behalf invites.

  1. Real-time and Advanced Analytics:  Get a live view of visitor movement at your organization through visitor management software with easily downloadable reports.
  1. Bulk invites: Send invitations to multiple visitors at once by simply uploading a .csv file. This feature will be highly useful for a high footfall event.
  2. Multi-tenant support: Easily manage multiple tenants within a single building using the dashboard.
  3. Emergency message broadcast: Broadcast emergency messages to hosts and visitors instantly with a few clicks on the dashboard.
  1. Manage multiple locations: Get a bird’s eye view of all locations from one centralized dashboard.
  2. Blacklist visitors: Create a blacklist based on keywords, approve contacts to approve or deny access.

As the world makes peace with the ever-pervasive nature of pandemics and begins to accept the new world that is here to stay, our thoughts drift to what organization’s top leaders are implementing as the world returns to office and rebuilds together. This is what we found.

PwC asked 330 US CFO’s and financial leaders their top to-do’s as they transition back to onsite work. 

81% of those surveyed are hyper-focused on changing workplace safety measures and requirements to create a return-ready safety-first ecosystem where employees and customers feel assured and secure.

78% of them are targeting a reconfiguration of multiple worksites to promote a culture of physical distancing. 

44% of CFO’s and financial leaders stated that they are accelerating automation as we speak. 

One in five CFO’s shared that their key technology investments will be focused on enhancing health and safety through measures such as automated contact tracing and workplace sensors, among others. 

Organizations across the globe are clearly trying their level best to move with the ever-changing times. Moving towards building safety and health-first culture and infrastructure powered by resilient and agile technology solutions. 

Think, safety-first and well, this may be the first thing that pops into your head. 

‘Your safety is our priority.’

This hackneyed phrase has been promised and over-promised over the years. But its litmus test arrived packed up in the form of a global pandemic called ‘SARS COVI-2’ or what we not-so-fondly call ‘COVID-19’. This test rang harder for workplace enablers, experience specialists, facility manatees, the CRE community, and automation partners. 

At Veris, we entered this pandemic with a 3 fold-objective towards the organizations we serve. This tri-fold mission statement became our only north star as we navigated through the ebbs and flows of one of the most uncertain years humanity has ever witnessed.


To deep-dive into local and global covid-friendly protocols applicable to the organization, audit their current processes with regards to pandemic-readiness, share expertise about various workplace safety loopholes which currently exist, and build solutions towards their return-readiness.


To create and execute a preventive response plan empowering organizations to plug the worsening situation before it can even take root across their facilities.


To look ahead together with our clients, understand their new reality in a post-pandemic world, and create solutions that are resilient, efficient, and secure. 

How do we do it?

Well, without further ado, let’s hear it.


1. Touchless visitor registration/check-ins

Veris enables you to protect yourself and your guests by enabling your visitors to check-in with zero-touch. With a simple QR-code scan, your visitor enters your organization’s virtual lobby carefully curated by Veris. This virtual lobby can also be accessed through beacon-based technology accessible through our Veris user app, which recurring visitors can choose to download to make their check-in even faster. The virtual lobby is a collection of visitor workflows crafted especially to suit unique organizational needs and can be reconfigured easily anytime by your facility teams with a simple drag and drop. Our contactless guest registration software empowers the visitor to complete their entire check-in process from the comfort and safety of their personal mobile device. Any touch-based interactions With a simple QR code scan, your visitors can enter a virtual lobby, enter their details, and confirm check-in right from their handhelds. This ensures that you offer your guests a zero-touch experience at your premises, securing them as well as your workforce.

2. Mask detection & compliance scan 

As is common knowledge, the spread of this deadly virus can be prevented with facial masks. Considering that your front desk is the first organizational touchpoint, what is more important than the mask hygiene of everyone present at this front desk. You can supervise the mask compliance of your employee easily, but what about outsiders? Our front-desk sign-in app comes to the rescue for you. Our smart visitor management system detects whether a guest is wearing a mask and only permits check-in once the guest adheres to this rule successfully, ensuring workplace safety. Our comprehensive front desk management software scans guests for facial mask compliance, alerts security teams if a guest is detected with non-compliance, and enables you to display directives to the guest about mask adherence.

3. Social Distancing Control & Occupant density mapping 

According to the Centres for Disease Control & Prevention, ‘social distancing, also called “physical distancing,” means keeping a safe space between yourself and other people who are not from your household.

To practice social or physical distancing, stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from other people who are not from your household in both indoor and outdoor spaces.’ 

Having understood the preventive power of physical distancing at the workplace, Veris has enabled organizations to capture staff temperature and display their live health and safety status on TV/App/web. Veris has also empowered organizations to comply with strict social distancing protocols by enabling a real-time occupant count, displayed at the front desk/reception area, enabling security teams to allow/disallow new entrants based on the current count. This measure not only raised customer confidence but also protects both employees and visitors who are risking their safety by stepping into the workplace.

4. Ensure accurate Contact Tracing 

According to the World Health Organization, ‘Contact tracing is the process of identifying, assessing, and managing people who have been exposed to a disease to prevent onward transmission. When systematically applied, contact tracing will break the chains of transmission of COVID-19 and is an essential public health tool for controlling the virus.

Contact tracing for COVID-19 requires identifying people who may have been exposed to COVID-19 and following them up daily for 14 days from the last point of exposure.’

Veris Welcome is a pandemic-proof visitor management system that enables dependable contact tracing by ensuring that your teams have easy access to an accurate real-time record of all visitors who enter your premises, with their contact details, safety risk status, health declaration, body temperature as well as mask adherence.


5. Triple visitor screening & visitor blacklisting 

One at-risk outsider can tip the safety balance of your entire workforce. Workplace facility teams must check & re-check the safety status of any visitor walking into the premises. Our front desk check-in software enables your team to conduct this screening of visitors, not in two but three ways. This triple screening consists of body temperature scanning, Aarogya Setu Safety Status check, and configurable COVID-19 declarations. In case a visitor is identified as a high-risk individual via these 3 processes, our solution gets into immediate action, denying further check-in, triggering alerts to your security teams, and adding this individual to a visitor blacklist, so that he is barred from entering the workplace for a preset period of time. This water-tight & comprehensive three-step screening empowers the security teams while assuring employees that only safe outsiders will be allowed into the facility.

6. Conduct Body Temperature Screening 

Our full-proof visitor management solution allows you to screen guests for body temperature right at the first touch-point. It integrates with sensors that scan visitor temperature, blacklist high-risk guests, and trigger alerts to security if the temperature is detected above the permissible limit.

7. Identify and record safety risk status

On  2nd April 2020, the Government of India launched the ‘Aarogya Setu App’ to flatten the COVID-19 curve and protect the citizens of India. Veris integrated with this country-wide application to add one more layer of workplace protection. With this integration, Veris can provide information to the concerned teams about the risk status of every individual who enters your premises. First, The Veris terminal directs the visitor to display his/her Aarogya Setu QR Code. Second, the terminal verifies and records the safety status of the visitor on whether he/she is safe or at risk. Finally, an alert is then triggered to the security teams/ front desk teams/ hosts, if the visitor is found to be at risk.

8. Capture a COVID-19 Health Declaration 

Our pandemic-friendly front desk management software empowers your team to create a customizable COVID-19 health declaration form and allows them to decide which visitor categories they’d prefer to screen. We enable your teams to create and configure these forms & declarations and set smart rules to allow or disallow visitors based on their responses. This means that our software can prohibit the completion of visitor check-in, trigger alerts, and blacklist guests based on his/her answers to various declaration questions. This interactive declaration flow can be set and reset by your teams with a simple drag & drop. Our system can also double up as a means to sensitize and educate guests, further strengthening your security ecosystem.

9. Alert security & aid emergency response

What’s a smart visitor management software without the ability to trigger instant alerts and aid emergency response during a crisis? Veris prides itself on an advanced, configurable, and effective emergency response feature. Veris empowers your team to set the permissible limits and rules, alert your security teams in case any visitor does not meet the screening criteria and enables security teams to broadcast emergency messages to all present on the premises.


10. Advanced analytics & real-time insights 

As organizations accept a new post-pandemic reality, a plethora of new working models doing the rounds such as remote work or work from home, hybrid or flexible working environments. These new models have introduced high levels of uncertainty in the daily work of facility managers who are still grappling with questions such as,

How is my workforce responding to working on-site post-COVID?

Which safety measures do they prioritize over others?

What are their key user preferences and trends as they interact with the post-pandemic workplace?

How can I optimize processes to assure my workforce further, enhancing their wellbeing & productivity? All these crucial questions remain unanswered without a comprehensive analytics platform. This is where Veris comes in. Our smart visitor management solution is armed with advanced analytics. Our real-time dashboard is a one-stop insight machine for your facility and admin teams seated across multiple locations, managing multiple processes. The devil lies in the details, and hence we ensure that your teams can pick a data point as minute as ‘time of visit,’ ‘ body temperature’ or ‘COVID-19 symptoms’ and search visitor records in a jiffy.

11. Web-based visitor check-ins

Remember the last time you were on a flight? Now, remember the super-easy web check-in you completed hours before you were at the airport? It made everything so much safer, and you felt so in control. Veris offers the same golden privilege to all your visitors, who can now complete their entire check-in process successfully on their personal smartphones. They simply need to click on a web-based link, enter your virtual lobby, input their information, upload their picture or government ID, if necessary, and voila! All done, and that too, from the comfort and safety of their homes and personal devices.

12. On-behalf Invites & Bulk Check-ins

Veris empowers your receptionist or front-desk staff to check-in on behalf of your guests who may vary or have a hard time completing the process owing to language or other barriers. We also enable your admin team to breeze through otherwise cumbersome bulk check-ins by pre-inputting their check-in information within minutes before the group walks into the premises. 

In closing, we’d like to leave you with this.

Regardless of whether a third wave hits the world or the pandemic is miraculously erased from the face of the earth, we at Veris will continue to put our heads down, hearts in, and minds on to prevent, protect and proact organizations worldwide. We will continue to empower and enrich workplaces through our innovations and will stay focused on our sincere desire to serve and enable safe, high-performance workplaces throughout the globe. Talk to our workplace enablers & specialists today!