Veris & Coworking Culture: The Next Big Thing

Recently updated on January 17th, 2022 at 11:14 pm

India’s thirst for starting something new is not big… it’s downright MASSIVE. The country has been witnessing unprecedented growth in entrepreneurship. A total of 8,625 startups were on record as on March 30, 2018, propelled by the government’s Startup India scheme. These covered diverse niches, ranging from IT to health and from food to robotics.

Coworking Culture Takes Root & Spreads Rapidly
With the mushrooming of new business across the country, the trend of coworking caught on. Coworking culture, which involves various professionals and startups sharing common workplaces, offers a cost-efficient alternative to fixed office infrastructure that comes with high initial setup cost and the problem of long-term leases.

Soon startups realized the multitude of benefits offered by the coworking ecosystem, including the sharing of resources, networking opportunity and working in an environment that is conducive to creativity and innovation.

Around 13.5 million people are expected to operate out of coworking spaces in India by 2020, according to a report by leading real-estate services firm JLL. Interestingly, the report goes onto saying that only 1.5 million of the total estimate will comprise of freelancers and SMEs (small & medium enterprises), while the majority will belong to larger and more established enterprises.

Overcoming Challenges of this New Corporate Culture
Although larger enterprises are joining the coworking bandwagon, the main challenge they face is visitor handling. With so many companies working together, the traditional logbooks results in a high degree of inefficiency, confusion and chaos. Not only is the visitor experience heavily compromised, security becomes a grave concern.

A lack of clear records of visitors leads to reduced transparency among companies working together in the shared space. The logbook cannot be used to share the cost implications of a sudden rise in visitors to certain companies.

Such challenges can be easily and effectively overcome by the Veris visitor management system. Being a frontrunner in the visitor management software industry, this smart technology aligns perfectly with the innovative, professional and highly-motivated environment of coworking spaces.

The Veris visitor management system is feature rich and crafted to suit unique needs. Here’s how it helps coworking workplaces.

Amazing Visitor Experience
Visitors no longer need to fill logbooks or speak to security guards or receptionists. They can register themselves at a self-service kiosk. Signing in on an iPad or Android tablet is convenient and so much cooler!

Improved Security
The system maintains time-stamped records of every visitor. It can also verify phone numbers and maintain a photo of each visitor. The system can notify the person whom the visitor has come to meet and warrant an approval before allowing entry, enhancing security of the workspace. It also sends out overstay alerts. So, if a visitor is just hanging around even after the scheduled meeting is over, an alert is sent out.

Increased Transparency
Searchability and segregation of visitors by company is much easier and takes only a few seconds. Get daily reports of the number of visitors for each company sharing the space.

No Confusion, No Chaos
Imagine a delivery arriving for you and the delivery person not knowing the name of your company. This can cause total chaos and a huge waste of time with the traditional system. With the Veris visitor management system, you’ll be notified by an SMS to your smartphone when your delivery arrives. Yes, it’s that simple!

Emergency Notifications
In case of an emergency, the system can trigger SMS notifications to all persons in every company in the coworking area as well as to visitors.

The great news is that the Veris visitor management system does not have huge hardware requirements, since it leverages the cloud. The new corporate culture of coworking demands the advanced visitor handling that the Veris visitor management system offers.