New-in: COVID-19 Visitor Screening Add-on Feature

Recently updated on November 5th, 2022 at 12:00 pm

As of March 2020, Coronavirus has been declared a global pandemic by WHO. This contagious ailment has spread rapidly across the globe with confirmed cases exceeding 350,000 and the death toll crossing 15,000.

Coronavirus could be a “black swan event,” says a report by Deloitte. This is because COVID-19 has exposed vulnerabilities, which could endanger businesses worldwide. One such vulnerability is security. With every visitor walking in through the front desk, companies are feeling the threat of disease entering their premises and infecting their employees.
Currently, most companies do not have the processes to support this situation. They have no way of identifying and tracking an infected person visiting their office. And, there are several unanswered questions.

For visitors who entered your premises yesterday, how many have travelled from an infected area? Did any of them showcase COVID-19 symptoms? How many have been screened for COVID-19 already?

These are just some of the unanswered questions we found, on speaking with our customers. With customer centricity in our DNA and a deep commitment to value creation in our hearts, we decided to jump in and save the day. As the pioneers in visitor management, custodians of your visitor flow and guardians of your security, we have made it our mission to help you protect your premise and your people against the contagious COVID-19. In this time of crisis, we have put our heads together and created a feature which enables your facility to guard against guests who may be COVID-19 infected.

Quick on Our Feet

Here’s announcing the launch of the COVID-19 screening feature, which is available to all new and existing clients.

There are four aspects of our COVID-19 visitor screening feature:

Sensitise: A picture is worth a thousand words. Add creative background images to your Veris Visitor application to educate your guests on safety and sanitization. This helps to drive home the desired message. A contribution to spreading awareness shows how much you care about your employees and the society at large.

Screen: Add a COVID-19 screening questionnaire to your general visitor flow. It puts you in control, enabling you to select which visitor category you’d prefer to screen. For instance, you can select people scheduled for a meeting, interview candidates and/or vendors. Just a few seconds of your visitor’s time can provide you with much needed information. So, if you wish to know whether a visitor has recently returned from a coronavirus affected region, you’ll have the information on your fingertips

Blacklist: If the answer to any of the questions in the visitor questionnaire is a ‘yes’, the application allows you to trigger a plethora of actions, including displaying a message like “We’re sorry but you have been denied entry. Please contact the concerned person by phone or email.” You could also deny badge printing or print the badge with a cautionary alert.

Alert: This feature in the Veris visitor application allows you to alert your security teams of the arrival of a possibly infected visitor and give them instructions on what to do next. The application can also send an alert to the host.

The Veris visitor application also allows you to send SMS and email messages to employees to promote COVID-19 safe behaviours. For instance, a simple message like “Maintain social distancing to safeguard yourself from the coronavirus” or “Remember: A namaste is better than a handshake #covid-19.”

A few short steps added to your front desk processes, you can improve security at your premise and keep your team safer. There’s no better way to convey that you care about your team’s overall well-being. Contact us to enable this feature and make your processes, COVID-19-Ready!

We, at Veris, are always thinking about your welfare. So from all us at Team Veris – Stay informed, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!