Offices Adapting to Millennial Workforce! Top 3 Trends to look Out for in 2018.

Recently updated on January 17th, 2022 at 11:16 pm

Our professional environment is under massive transformation. With millennials forming over 70% of the workforce, the operational schematics are interestingly changing. Millennials today form the largest and the most digitally comfortable segment of the society. Also known as Gen-Y or the convenience generation, they are highly differentiated from any other generation owing to their communication preferences and affinity to changing technological trends. So much so, that it drives their professional as well as personal decisions. These digital natives with their unconventional work styles are all set to alter the face of offices today!

Come 2018, we expect things to be far more digital than they already are. Today’s workplaces are a notable departure from those of the past. Veris is an all Millennial Team. We live by these preferences…in line with today’s changing trends.

My Mobile My World!

This ambitious, tech-savvy and creative cohort prefer technology that minimises human interaction. They are literally in love with their mobiles, and are always ready to explore the true potential of this power-device that they interact with all day long! Any technological innovation that encourages them to use their mobiles effectively over any mundane human interactions will be an automatic preference for this group!

I value my time!

This generation respects their time. They quickly adapt to any automation technology that empowers them to use their time more efficiently thereby increasing personal & professional productivity. According to a recent research, Millennial Respondents expressed frustration with having limitations imposed on their ability to use technology to its optimum benefits. They described having to adapt to the inefficient expectations of others, even where the failure to take advantage of simple technologies resulted in a lower quality work product. In the wake of this, business models are gradually incorporating automation in every aspect of workplace design.

I work in an uber-cool office!!

Impression matters! An employer who is committed to maintaining an up-to-date level of technology can be very appealing to the millennial workers. While this is just a secondary benefit of the business, it is important to consider that businesses neglecting the social aspects of their culture risk alienating millennial employees.

A successful strategy to engage and retain workers will be pivotal to the business’s bottom-line. This connected cohort will expect an ecosystem that includes touch-screens and that helps them reduce a host of human coordination efforts- to instantly connect, associate, and collaborate with others in ways that are natural to them, resulting in better productivity across the organization.

It’s time to go Veris! In line with the millennial expectation, Veris helps you to make your office smarter for your employees & to extend a red carpet welcome for your visitors. Now manage all your facility entrants without the hassle of physical IDs, log books & calls. Empower your employees with the Veris app that can function as their Mobile ID and allows them to send intuitive App/SMS based invites to visitors, who check into the Smart Terminal using the QR code/OTP. For large scale scenarios like SEZs, Business Parks, Trade Centres, Airports, Cargo Terminals, Ports etc, Veris also supports nested scenarios with multiple terminals at various checkpoints.