Make your business travel like a Private Jet

Recently updated on January 17th, 2022 at 11:15 pm

We are talking about the advantages of cloud computing here over traditional processes of storing and analyze your data and we’ll get back to it in a moment. Before that, are you inspired by the lives of the biggest CEOs on the face of the earth? Do you take interest in their latest acquisitions? Whether for business or pleasure, the charm of luxury, privacy, speed, and convenience chartering a private jet is their new way to fly. The reason behind sharing this piece of info is for you to count on a machine: a private jet. Maybe it will take some years for you to climbing rungs of the stock market to be able to charter a private jet for you or your board but definitely what you can do today is give a private jet like speed & convenience to your business processes. The point being businesses across the world are trying to become more private, more secured and speedier.

Cloud computing is definitely enabling businesses with a more flexible, customized and private expression. So that was one more connection with our opening comparison with a private jet. We’re going to explore here how cloud-based workflows like a cloud-based visitor management system to safe keep all your visitor data in the cloud can make your business ultimate secure, smart & profitable. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as cloud-based workflows for all your business processes can bring all the speed you need to outpace your competition. So, find out below what you can do to make your business propel like a private jet and fuel your business goals.

What can you do with a cloud dedicated to your business?

Cloud native apps

Build innumerable apps for your business that reside in the cloud and can further streamline your business processes and make your business smarter. Without having to worry about their consistency, integrity, and performance as you leave your worries to the cloud capabilities. Take the first step in the cloud economy without having to think about storage of your data in cumbersome, high maintenance hardware created by you or requirement for your IT professional to continuously change its coding. A simple cloud-based visitor management app for your company can systematically store all your visitor data in your business cloud for intelligent analysis of data whenever a compliance requirement asks for it. Also ensure intelligent communication between visitors and multiple hosts with the app sending out intimation about the arrival of the guest, pass on real-time information to him about parking and other authorization details about your office requirements.


Does your business think enough?

Create a new partnership between humans and machines, where machines help you in deep learning and provide insights about your business? How is that? Cloud computing is not about mere storing your business data from expensive hardware to shifting them to the cloud or shunning admin responsibilities of your data. Cloud computing comes with a power of Artificial Intelligence to harness your data to create new insights and provide cognitive solutions for your business and ultimately accelerate human expertise. IBM Watson is a perfect example of cloud-based AI to make your business smarter and fortune 500 companies are building their processes using IBM Watson.


Fuels Innovation

Cloud tools with cloud computing can pave a new way for your data. Engage your organization and workforce to find the newer meaning of the data patterns and analysis and answer the toughest business questions. Come up with innovative breakthrough ideas. Cloud data services can provide every member of the data team with the relevant tools and access right for their jobs by fostering a culture of innovation at all levels.


Leverage Cloud Speed for Development & Testing

Traditionally development and testing of your website, tools, and app for different lines of your business have been time-consuming processes with siloed operations between the different departments. Cutting edge cloud-based software can deploy these processes with quicker turnaround times. Seamlessly connect existing applications and workloads, optimize your IT investments with integration, automation, and insights. Ultimately creating a superior customer experience. With continuous delivery and monitoring with the help of agile software, it can respond to the market faster and build more engaging user experience taking into consideration real-time feedback from customers and enhance value.


Tailored to your needs

Legacy software can restrict your workflows as per set patterns and expectations. It hampers to provide businesses with the agility to add or remove processes as per the changing needs of businesses. This is where Cloud-based software comes advantageous with its ability to customize workflow mapped to your needs and at ease. This is how cloud-based workflows are bespoke and customized to your needs. For eg. Let’s talk about an automated visitor management software. Let’s say due to a sudden change in government policy of your state you’re required to highlight a particular set of information about your visitors for compliance requirement. Bringing about a change in workflow to adaptation of changes to the automated visitor management software will be cumbersome task, requiring change of coding and breaking of sweat whereas let’s say a cloud-based Veris visitor management application programming software in the context of India inc would enable change in the workflow pattern with ease and seamlessly with updations across the system in real time.


Are you cloud secured?

The biggest disadvantage of legacy systems is that they store all your data in one place, locally making you more prone to data theft and phishing attempts. Whereas in cloud storage a multi-layer security buffer is installed around your data by dispersing your data through different data centers across the world for security next to unbridgeable.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or micro-services that connects your front end with multiple small back-end programs all stored privately in the cloud dedicated for your business is creating a new business environment, a truly cloud-based digital economy. You need to concentrate on building APIs for your business for greater emphasis on integration of your business processes and workflows, to expand beyond the geography or your office premises to be able to grow, tap the larger potential of the market, add new partners, stride into new demographics: all at the speed of cloud and secured by cloud computing. It’s time to make the switch today.