India Inc from the Standpoint of an Expat

Recently updated on December 17th, 2022 at 02:30 pm

Abhijeet Ganguly (Name Changed) a 45-year-old engineer possessing more than 25 years of experience in the Silicon Valley, crisscrossing in Jets with C suite executives of Fortune 500 companies across the globe, a seasoned global leader was headhunted by a promoter-driven business in India as their trophy hire as an Expat CEO. Unfortunately, Ganguly had to hang up his boots even before six months. India Inc is littered with many such examples of premature retirements when Indians at the same time are first among Asians to have occupied the most coveted global positions outside India with examples of Sundar Pichai as Google CEO, Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Shantanu Narayen (Adobe) and many others. Unfortunately, India Inc has a dismal ratio of CEO import standing at just 3% whereas the CEO export calculated somewhere around 30% in sharp contrast to a country like UK where CEO export stood at 32% and imports at 42%. Few in India finish the task they flew in for. The friction points being:

  • Instinctive decision making of promoters instead of process and structures
  • Lack of professionalism
  • Lack of automation
  • A poor delegation of authority with loyalists playing a critical role

Ganguly is of the opinion that cost arbitrage is often not a solution for a business as represented in the mentality of some companies in India. It’s often rejigging their strategies and opening the door to automation that can take them closer to the solution. Let’s take for example the first line of defence – visitor management in the context of Indian businesses operating out of a stand-alone office or a multi-tenant building. The guest management left in the hands of front desk professionals can never be error-free due to the human agency involved.  For a visitor the struggle starts with finding a proper parking space. Followed by filling up mundane log-books over and over again, standing in queues, coordinating for the host’s location over phone…it all is so frustrating and archaic eventually resulting in the loss of warmth even before the meeting starts. Leave aside the bucks spent on salaries of front desk professionals! Instead, an uncomplicated guest management software can do multiple wonders. A cloud-based visitor management system in India would curtail the need for heavy hardware, put an end to the era of logbooks and cut a squeaky clean picture of the company representing global standards mainly for the kind of image makeover for which CEO imports take place to implement the same across a chain of business processes amongst others. Automation of visitor management has other advantages apart from a red carpet welcome for visitors.

Advantages of a Visitor Management Software: The Veris Edge

  • Eliminates error-prone manual access-management processes

  • Access to report on traffic and compliance with security rules
  • Access to the log of guests visited over periods with advanced real-time analytics
  • Serves as an alert tool in the wake of an emergency
  • The ready availability of verifiable data compliant with potential data privacy laws
  • Saves time and a super-fast way for visitors to gain access to your premise
  • Enables a smart digital workplace

Visitor Management Automation Software could be a small link in the chain of automation required by the industry but it reflects a lot on the mindset of companies willing to transform business processes in the India inc and ones that are more compliant with the visions of global leaders to ensure a day is not far when we have more of the Pichai’s and the Nadella’s operating out of India Inc.