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Feature of the Month: Two-Way Communication Between Host and Visitor

Recently updated on January 17th, 2022 at 11:14 pm

Veris’ visitor management software helps modernize an organization’s front-desk, enhancing the brand experience the company offers, while also enabling a smoother check-in process with heightened security. The visitor management solution is highly customizable to suit various organizational needs and benefiting both employees and the admin and security personnel.

Reception management software shouldn’t be just about having a fancy kiosk or tablet that makes the registration process faster and attractive for the visitor. It should also be designed to address the various loopholes in security procedures that can further cause delays in servicing clients. One of the most prevalent issues faced by companies are visitors who arrive without appointments. Can the software address this?

Two-Way Communication between Host and Visitor
The Veris visitor tracking software helps receptionists concentrate their efforts on giving visitors a warm welcome, answering their queries, rather than trying to coordinate between the visitor and the person they wish to meet. The system directly generates instant notifications to the host, on their mobile device, upon the arrival of expected visitors.

But what happens when a person arrives without a prior appointment or intimation? Even with visitor check-in and management software, it is possible for a client to select any host name and get issued a digital ID badge for entry. The Veris registration software eliminates this possibility through two-way communication. It has customized buttons like ‘I don’t know the person’ or ‘I am out of office’, which hosts can use. These messages are then directly sent to the receptionist’s email-id, so that further action can be taken.

In case an incorrect name has been provided by the visitor intentionally to gain access to the premises, they will be immediately asked to leave. On the other hand, it is also possible that the visitor made an unintentional mistake or was confused about the host’s full name. In this case, the next step can be to help them out. In the event that the host’s name is accurate and there indeed has been a prior appointment, the host can directly call the visitor or notify them of a delay, if necessary. The host can convey delay time through buttons like ‘10 minutes’ and ‘15 minutes’ or “Not in Office’, asking the visitor to be seated at the reception.

How Does This Help?
Reception management software enabled with the two-way communication feature helps to avoid unnecessary confusion and delays. Many offices have high visitor footfall each day and managing their queries or even trespasses can be a tedious task. Moreover, it makes the other visitors suffer delays due to such issues.

With two-way communication, unwanted visitors can be kept out of the office premises. Women employees may find this feature extremely beneficial, helping them to notify the security team about a stalker. Rival companies can often send spies to competitors and take advantage of a weak security protocol to obtain valuable trade secrets., which can be prevented with the visitor check-in system. The system ensures transparency and flexibility too. Family members can be immediately allowed to enter, without delay. Courier deliveries can be managed efficiently, without the need for an employee to come down several floors to receive a package.

The Veris visitor management software captures all critical information pertaining to a visitor, including their image and ID proof, which is stored on a secure cloud. It can even blacklist bad actors against further visits. OTP-based mobile verification can further ensure that all contact details provided are authentic. These records are all time-stamped, easily available for admin for future audit purposes. All in all, the Veris visitor management system is an example of a smart and secure platform that enables an organization to stay ahead of the times.