The Evolution of Co-Working: Veris Advantage for the New Business Ecosystem

Recently updated on January 17th, 2022 at 11:15 pm

Just a decade ago, the concept of co-working space was unheard of in India. Now in the year 2018, coworking communities personify the flexibility and innovation required to succeed in today’s time and age. Driven by a global push for a cultural shift, flexible offices are on a steady rise. The way we work and what employees’ value is changing with time. Flexibility is really important for this generation of employees as well as entrepreneurs.

Co-working spaces are often associated with affordability, but in reality, the atmosphere, facilities, location, and networking are some of the reasons why startups are opting for co-working spaces instead of shelling out money on fancy offices. The environment nurtures ideation and collaboration and helps avoid hefty fixed costs.

What works?

Low Startup Cost

Renting commercial office spaces can burn a hole in your pocket. From signing a long-term lease to hefty deposits, renting an office can be very expensive, particularly if so much of space isn’t required at the beginning of a venture. Although most co-working spaces charge a monthly rent some places also offer hourly, monthly or pay-as-you-go packages.


The space cost of prime locations is often dramatically high and you may need to sacrifice location for a lower monthly rent. By opting for a shared office space, you can get an office in the central location and also stay well within your budget. Location is a crucial factor for business, having an office in a prime area not only makes a good impression on your clients, but also your clients won’t have a hard time finding you.

Flexibility and Networking

Coworking spaces create a flexible, convenient, and professional environment which nurtures creativity and generates a synergy between people working together. Also, it is easier to scale up the shared office space as the business grows. You can customize your contract to suit one person or a team until you move into a bigger commercial space.


Most co-working spaces offer facilities such as vending machines, fridge, microwave, air conditioning, and small café or a snack counter. As a startup, you need to save costs wherever you can and at the same time, you also need these necessities – which make shared working spaces an ideal solution. Some shared spaces also offer added advantages such as security and visitor management systems like Veris. As a co-working space, it can be hard to keep track of employees and which organization they belong to and tracking one of those employees down can be a hassle. So, why not implement an iPad visitor management system? It’s modern, hip, and an effective way to greet visitors and locate staff using only an iPad/tablet.

Veris it is a cloud-based visitor management system that can help you organize and manage your visitor data. It lets your visitors pre-register or self-check-in thereby saving you the cost of hiring a resource. The Veris app works like a full-time resource managing your visitors, employees, and also allows you to send QR code-based invites to your visitors with GPS details, timings, parking instructions, and so on!

Veris leverages the power of technology to minimize hardware and human resource requirements. Get the Veris advantage to efficiently and smartly manage the visitor and employee data with just a few taps.