Why going touchless is the smartest move you’ll make this year.

Recently updated on January 3rd, 2023 at 04:16 pm

According to the Centre for Disease Control, “Based on data from lab studies on COVID-19 and what we know about similar respiratory diseases, it may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose or possibly their eyes,”

This process of transmitting COVID-19 via an infected inanimate object is called fomite transmission. According to Wikipedia, A fomite is any inanimate object that, when contaminated with or exposed to infectious agents (such as pathogenic bacteria, viruses or fungi), can transfer disease to a new host.  

Here’s how fomite transmission works. 

COVID-positive individual coughs or sneezes on their hands, active droplets reach a nearby surface, or he touches a nearby surface such as an elevator button, a coffee machine, a shared attendance, and access control device, the list could go on. And bam! That nearby surface is now infected and can remain infected for anywhere between 2 hours up to 9 days according to a recent review by WHO. This unassuming surface could now be a threat, endangering you, your workforce and workplace. Do sleepless nights come to mind?

Enter the hero, touchless interfaces. We have identified the 3 most important touchless interfaces a facility manager needs to adopt this year, in order to get her workforce back to work, in a safe and COVID-ready manner. 

  • Touchless sanitization & disinfection 

Automatic sensor-based sanitizers work on the principle of automatic obstacle detection couple with a proximity sensor to detect the presence of hands and then dispenses sanitization liquid instantly. This device is user friendly, ensures zero-touch disinfection and can be installed at multiple spots across the workplace including, entry fates, outside washrooms and canteens, next to desk clusters and exit gates. 

Why touchless sanitization? 

  1. Zero-touch sanitization – Unlike foot or hand-operated sanitizers, sensor-based sanitizers recognize the presence of hands and automatically dispense disinfection liquid, making the process 100% touchless. 
  2. All-pervasive necessity – Whether you manage a high footfall multi-tenant building or school or a low footfall boutique consulting firm, continuous sanitization is a necessity. With both employees(insiders) and guests(outsiders) required to sanitize their hands regularly while at the workplace, touch-free sanitization comes in as a blessing. 
  3. User-friendly installation – Sensor-based sanitizers can be mounted on a wall, self-standing or mounted on a table, amidst other options. This makes it easy for facility managers to set up these devices at multiple points based on employee and visitor routes through the workplace. 
  4. Multi-purpose & reusable – This device can be installed across various types of entities, has replaceable batteries and can be refilled with various kinds of disinfection liquids as per the organization. 

Touchless staff attendance solutions come in all shapes and sizes. At Veris, we have developed two contactless attendance solutions for you to choose from. 

  1. Touchless attendance and access: Our COVID-friendly touchless attendance solution harnesses the power of voice and facial recognition to replace pandemic-prone biometric attendance systems. The employee walks in and gives a voice command say ‘check-in. She is then directed to the screen where she is facially verified and that’s it, attendance is successfully marked within seconds. 
  2. Touchless attendance, access and screening: This alternative gives comes in the form of specialized hardware with facial recognition, infrared cameras and AI sensors. Our solution facially verifies the employee, records body temperature, checks for facial mask adherence and instantly enables access if all 3 conditions are successfully passed. 

Why touchless staff attendance?

  1. 100% Touchless – Unlike biometric-based attendance systems which work via touch on shared devices, our solution offers 100% touchless clock-ins via voice and facial recognition. This aligns with the WHO-workplace guidelines centred around reducing touchpoints and protecting staff from touching infected surfaces. 
  2. Integration friendly – A truly effective attendance solutions extends beyond clock-ins and goes on to ensure that employees seamlessly move in and out of your premises. Our touchless attendance solution easily integrates with QR code-based Access Control and runs with your existing RFID readers and supports BLE, RFID, NFC.
  3. HRMS Integration friendly- Our solutions can be integrated with your HRMS or any other comprehensive employee management software, pushing relevant attendance records for payroll calculations and compliance reporting. 
  4. Real-time reporting and analysis – With the new norm of rotational workplaces to follow social distancing norms, it has become imperative to keep a strict and accurate record of employee attendance day after day. Our solution offers you a real-time respiting and attendance view of employees so you can analyze and optimize processes daily. 
  1. Touchless visitor management

The office automation industry has launched some radical innovations in the virtual visitor management space. Our contactless solution enables your guest to check-in via their personal device, scan a QR-code, enter a virtual visitor lobby and confirm check-in. This empowers your teams to create a touchless, safe and secure visitor experience. This module can also be upgraded with our Advanced COVID-19 screening module. Our COVID-19 screening module aligns with WHO-recommended contact tracing and screening of asymptomatic, but high-risk visitors. It sensitizes your visitor, screens for possible symptoms, alerts teams and highlights exposure to illness. 

Why touchless visitor management?

  1. 100% Touchless- It ensures that every guest check-in through the comfort of their device by simply scanning a QR-code rather than checking-in on a touch-based shared device. This touchless alternative lowers the risk of infecting surfaces which could be a dangerous hazard and cause for concern owing to COVID-19.
  2. WHO-workplace guidelines compliant- It aligns with the WHO guidelines of ‘Contact tracking and Screening of asymptomatic, but high-risk visitors’. Every visitor’s detailed data points are recorded and can be traced back at ay time via the real-time dashboard. 
  3. Advanced COVID screening – Our solution also enables your team to add a COVID-19 declaration as part of the smartphone-based visitor check-in process. In case, any visitor suspects symptoms, he can be blacklisted and his details alerted to security in real-time. 
  4. Time-saving(Multiple check-ins under minutes) – It enables multiple visitors to check-in at once through their smartphones vis a vis standing in long visitor queues waiting to check-in on a shared device. 

Still in thinking mode even as your surfaces endanger your employees and guests? Talk to our workplace specialists and begin your speedy, seamless and secure touchless makeover today!